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Cesic by ecm Logo

ECM - Engineered Ceramic Materials GmbH


HB-Cesic® Camera for LSST

April 2015 - ECM received the contract for the manufacturing of the world larges Camera structure....
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HB-Cesic® for MTG STR Brackets

May 2014 - ECM awarded a contract from OHB for the fabrication of 7 Fligth Models ...
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Cesic® Technologie

  • Very good mechanical and thermal performance
  • Remarkable properties below 100 K – Zero CTE
  • Fast and flexible manufacturing process
  • Lightweighting with multiple reassembly possibilities


  • Project management & space engineering
  • Cesic® tailored design development
  • Structural and thermal analysis using NASTRAN
  • Fabrication of Cesic®


  • Space qualified Cesic® manufacturing process
  • Large heritage for space and non space applications
  • Established network for the complete supply chain
  • Established cooperation with Space system suppliers


  • German SME
  • Highly experienced engineering and fabrication team
  • Fabrication of Cesic® material for various applications
  • Certified according to DIN ISO  9001:2008